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You should not miss Excalibur’s attractions when you visit the city

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A wide range of activities are available at Excalibur that are suitable for all ages. Excalibur offers a friendly and entertaining atmosphere in which to spend time with friends and family. In order to ensure that you return to Excalibur for another enjoyable experience, Excalibur strives to make your visit an enjoyable one. Feel free to visit Excalibur. The kids will have a blast at Excalibur!

Arthur’s Call to Duty 

Does Call of Duty appeal to you? Well, the simulation just got real! You can now experience real-world battles without the need to use the controller. It is an extensive outdoor playfield filled with bunkers and obstacles covering 40,000 square feet. This game is played with a battle rifle and headset that are state-of-the-art. While playing the game, secondary weapons can be acquired, such as rocket launchers, submachine guns, and sniper rifles. It is possible to earn killstreaks by scoring enough kills in a row, including upgrading your body armor, performing mortar attacks, performing airstrikes, participating in chopper attacks, and even engaging in a nuclear attack. Just pull the trigger and choose the Battlerifle preset as your weapon if you wish to play without having to worry about all the advanced features. There is never a shortage of ammunition. Booking is not necessary. Ticket sales are available inside the main building.


Despite the numerous racing games, you can play on your gaming console, there is only one go-kart track in northeast Louisiana that provides you with this exciting, live driving experience! Enjoy the thrill of four-wheeled transportation while driving a go-kart. It was our objective to strategically design the track so that novice riders, as well as adults, could enjoy the twists and turns. 

Laser Tag 

You are sure to have a blast playing indoor laser tag in the laser tag arena. Black light arenas contain a number of obstacles that provide a challenging environment, along with music that keeps adrenaline flowing. You can temporarily disable your opponent as you earn points by aiming your red phaser beam at their fiber-optic-lit vest. Every player receives a scoresheet at the end of the game containing information on accuracy, hits, etc.

Climb the Castle Wall 

You can reach the top of the castle wall by climbing 24 feet. There are two ways to ascend. This unique design is created by Art Attack. In this case, you will be wearing a safety harness attached to an automatic belay device. Do it yourself or go head-to-head with a friend! For hotel Booking – https://www.hamptonmonroe.com

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